Issues and Crisis Management

Reputation is built over time and can tarnish in an instant whether due to tangential industry issues, a specific action or accusation. JVComms can help you identify and prepare for potential situations, and lead response to pressing matters.

How We Help

Crises and Issues

As an agency and throughout our leaders’ strategic communications careers, our team has developed crisis response strategies and messages in preparation for potential scenarios, tracked growing issues directly or indirectly linked to our clients and managed response accordingly, and handled full-scale crises.
We can help your leadership team prepare for “worst case” scenarios, draft holding statements for issues that may bubble up and manage contentious media inquires, draft management scripts and employee Q+As.
Our experience includes: 
Pandemic communications from Avian Flu through Covid-19
Physical crises from accidents to natural disasters
Industry reputation issues like ingredients and sourcing matters that directly or indirectly impact a brand
Product recalls
Bad actors internally or trolling an individual or organization
Unexpected leadership changes
Public and internal investigations, including SEC and FCPA matters
Facility closures, downsizings, WARN notices
Takeover threats and shareholder activism

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