Event Strategy and Management

We have a solid grounding in events – from major conventions to internal “Top 100” leadership meetings. We can manage registration, logistics, agenda building, content development, scripts, presentations and more.

How We Help

Pivoting Events to Online and Hybrid

When Covid-19 shut down events in the blink of an eye, we worked tirelessly to help our clients leverage technologies and navigate challenges to continue to engage and inspire audiences and stay connected during an isolating global pandemic.
We are proud of our work across industries, but especially of our work with our nonprofit clients during this time to keep their fundraising efforts in play and continue to connect with those whom they serve. Over the past two years, we’ve produced online and hybrid galas that met fundraising goals set before the shift to online. To keep communities connected and support those from underserved backgrounds during a challenging time, on behalf of our client Harlem Educational Activities Fund we produced an online College Decision Day event to celebrate high school seniors from college access programs across New York City. These programs help students from underserved communities bridge academic and opportunity gaps, develop leadership skills, gain exposure to careers and pursue their dreams in college and beyond. In 2020 with weeks to spare, JVComms completely reimagined the typically in-person event, secured celebrity involvement and produced a smashing success. Read all about it in this case study by TintUp:

TINTUP Case Study on JVComms

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